exhibit Italia 

exhibit Italia 


Welcome to our project «exhibit Italia»
In this project, one part is listening to our experimental concept album. We recommend taking time to sit down in a place you won’t be disturbed, maybe closing your eyes and staying open minded letting your imagination take you wherever it wants. Listen to the whole album from beginning to end (approx 20 min).

Another part is the virtual art exhibition you can visit by clicking below. Let the virtual exhibition be the backdrop of the music, or the other way around, or simply enjoy them separately, but they do make up a larger whole in the project that «exhibit Italia» represents.

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Welcome to the exhibition!
Take a look, enjoy!

Act 1

Scene 1: It hurts a bit?
Scene 2: eating. It is yummy and I love it. alone eating with everyone. Such a lovely evening isn’t it. Indeed. Perfetto. A meal should not always be shared. you miss the taste. Eating alone at il fagiano gives me good vibes. It took a while dough. Poi gnocchi.
Scene 3: walking steps. Look a cow. On pasture. What a joyable sight. It is nice to walk. Many steps. Mostly upwards to see the sight. All the steps, a long stair. It never ends. That’s the fun with it. Enjoy the ride as a Buddhist munk once said.

Act 2

Scene 4: renovating old barn. It is old. It is broken. But we tried to fix it. It almost worked. haha. Too bad it didn’t work fully. We try something else instead, but we stopped before we were done. That’s life we think and are almost satisfied. Is there somebody (out/in) there?
Scene 5: sleeping. Are you sleeping in a magic chalet. There is a big empty room. Sometimes scary, sometimes nice. A huge table and a sofa. Not for relaxing. This room is connected to where you sleep, and you can look straight at it from your bed. For some reason this is scary. And of course the wind at night during fall. You only know it at fall. Sleep thight.
Scene 6: oh no al fine. In the end, I don’t want to, but here I go. It does hurt a bit.

exhibit Italia

More about «exhibit Italia»
The inspiration for this project came from a solo travel to Italy made in autumn 2018. The insecure feelings of traveling alone, and the joy of independent exploring of new sites and people, all mixes together. The music might be dark, but the person travelling experienced her happiest days, and are longing back. A different type of salutation to Italy, the «exhibit Italia» concept may give people a new type of cultural experience, a mix of virtual design art, video, photo, and of course; recorded music. The album consists of a total of six scenes exploring different impressions and feelings, and is based on in situ recordings from the travel. We hope you’ll enjoy it.

Music and lyrics by bitterfoyn
Recorded and produced by bitterfoyn
Virtual art exhibition by Hans Erik Lomtjernbakken Møller, Tobias Føyn Føyen and bitterfoyn
Distributed on the independent label Penguin Market